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The friendly philatelic trade association

The day-to-day business of the Society is handled by the Secretary, MRS MONICA WOOSNAM.
Monica is also the Treasurer and the Editor of the Bulletin.

Contact details

Mrs. MONICA WOOSNAM, ADPS Secretary, 24 Dysart Terrace, Canal Road, NEWTOWN, SY16 2JL

Telephone: 01686 627916 (9 to 5, Monday to Friday).



Chairman, Malcolm Tudor, writes:


The June 2021 issue of the world stamp trade journal, the Philatelic Exporter, included a full-page Special Feature on the Society, with the sub-title:

"As it celebrates its 55th birthday, Ray Howes of the ADPS provides a short history of the Society and what it has to offer to the trader."

Ray begins his article by referring to the birth of the ADPS in 1966 as the "Approval Dealers' Protection Society." The Society also began to attract dealers selling by other means as well and the name was soon adjusted to the modern day title of the "ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society."

Ray goes on to describe some of the Society's activities, including publication of the Bulletin and Newsletter, the safeguarding of members by regular advice on telephone and online scams, the potential for free advice, and the availability of low-cost advertising in the journal and on our popular website,

Also mentioned are "our long-standing full-time (since 1996) Secretary, Monica Woosnam," "Chairman Malcolm Tudor ( who began selling approvals at the age of 14 and is now a military historian and writer," "Dr John Horsey, who runs County Philatelic Auctions ( and is also author of the acclaimed The 5 Orange," and our acting webmaster "Gordon Bonnett (, who specialises in Middle Eastern philately and books."

Ray emphasises that we welcome members from all parts of the United Kingdom and overseas and live up to our motto of 'The friendly philatelic trade association."

He concludes his article with this sentence: "As the ADPS continues to grow its enthusiastic membership through what is now the 'new normal' business wise, the Society will continually strive to help all its members to achieve success in whatever their stamp trading area."

We're grateful to Ray for this lively and entertaining article on our 55th Birthday

The 53rd Annual General Meeting of the ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society was held from the ADPS office, Newtown, Powys, on 29 October 2020 (virtually owing to current Covid-19 restrictions).

'The Sign of a Reliable Dealer'

The Secretary, Mrs Monica Woosnam, reported another successful year, and Chairman Malcolm Tudor said:

"I can confidently say that the last year has been the most unusual one in the Society's history, with the background of the Covid-19 virus at home and abroad. Following the national lock-down here in the United Kingdom in March, Monica and I decided that we would try and maintain service as usual, and I'm pleased to report that we've succeeded in this aim.

We continue to benefit from having a full-time secretary, an experienced voluntary committee, mailings of bulletins or newsletters every month, a strong online presence, and the opportunity to advertise on our popular ADPS website 24/7.

We welcome membership applications from new and established dealers in the United Kingdom and overseas, whether trading on the internet, by mail order, or via auctions, stamp fairs, or retail premises. The membership subscription is excellent value and also tax deductible as a business expense for accounting purposes. So too are advertisements on our website, which provide the opportunity for additional sales and where any links to members' websites enhance rankings on search engines.

It is once again a pleasure to thank Monica in her roles as secretary, treasurer, and editor; John and Ray as additional committee members; Gordon as acting webmaster; and all members at home and abroad, whose continued support we value greatly.

We hope that all members and their families stay safe and well, and send all best wishes for successful trading in the year ahead."

Officers re-elected at the 2020 AGM were:

MACOLM TUDOR, Chairman               


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