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The Sign of a Reliable Dealer

The Friendly
Philatelic Trade Association

The Friendly
Philatelic Trade Association

Welcome to the website of the ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society.
(Last updated 7th August 2021

Read all about the SPECIAL FEATURE on the ADPS in the PHILATELIC EXPORTER on the News and Committee page.

The Society was formed in 1966 to assist philatelic traders in their dealings with collectors and with
other members of the trade. We act to promote the interests of our members and to encourage
the exchange of information on the marketing of stamps and on business matters in general.

We welcome applications for membership from new and established dealers in the United Kingdom
and overseas. Our members sell to collectors through approvals, auctions, fairs, mail order, shops and online.
We have a full-time Secretary, a volunteer committee, and a strong online presence.

These are the benefits of becoming an ADPS member:

1] The Sign of a Reliable Dealer

The ADPS initials and logo on dealers' literature, websites and advertisements give collectors total confidence
when buying and selling stamps.
For over 50 years, membership of the Society has been recognised as the hallmark of a trusted dealer.

2] Help and Advice

We are available to help and advise members on all aspects of trading,
including dealing with any 'problem clients'.
Members also receive details of major online and telephone scams.

3] The ADPS Bulletin - 6 issues a year

Members receive the bi-monthly Bulletin in A-5 format (sent by Royal Mail, or by email on request).
The magazine keeps them in touch with the Society and with fellow dealers and provides
the latest news on stamps and trading.
Members can also advertise in The Bulletin for only £2.00 per half page, or £3.00 per full
page, with one free advertisement for six issues prepaid.

4] ADPS Newsletter - 6 issues a year

Members also receive the bi-monthly Newsletter in A-4 format (distributed between each Bulletin),
which keeps them up-to-date with additional news and information.

5] The ADPS website -

Members can advertise on our secure website (See "Members' Advertisements") for only £5.00 a year.
Email and website links can be included and reasonable updates made at any time.

To join

Please download and complete the online application form and mail it to the Secretary.

Our membership subscription is only £30.00 per year
Payment can be made by credit or debit card using PayPal
or by a cheque drawn on a UK Bank.

Payment via PayPal
Choose your payment option from the drop-down list
"Subscription 30.00 GBP" or "Subscription + website advertisement 35.00 GBP"
then click on the 'Buy Now' button

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